The company was founded in 2001
Name of the company: Gostaresh Ahan Rah (also known as GAR)
Our commitment: Relying on the abilities and expertise of the youth of this country and based on passive defense principles, Gostaresh Ahan Rah is moving toward achieving the sustainable development goals of our beloved country Iran.
The subject of the company’s activities according to the articles of association:

  • Designing and executing roadbed and pavement of the railway path and related stations.
  • Designing and installing signal and communication systems and making railway tracks electric.
  • Repairs and maintenance of railway tracks, operation and management of railways, current repairs and overhaul of locomotives, and current repairs and overhaul of passenger and cargo wagons.
  • Executing tasks regarding railway pavement, supervising the installation of signal and communication systems, and making railway tracks electric.
  • Providing consultation and construction services at the same time for civil plans, consultation and technical services including services and studies in the identification stages, technical and economic justification of plans, and conducting maps, documents, and executive specifications of the plans.
  • Supervising proper execution and providing consultation services related to the operation and maintenance of all civil plans and importing and exporting all the goods related to the subject of the activity.
  • Designing, installing, and maintenance of electronic railway signals and communications.
  • Supplying, distributing, purchasing, and selling all the goods and materials related to the company’s field of activity including sand and gravel ballast electronic parts, sleepers, and imports.
  • All cases of designing, providing consultations for, and executing the construction projects (buildings and facilities).
  • All cases of plan management, consultations, and supervision; controlling, designing, executing, and operating research services in water and wastewater facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, irrigation, etc.
  • Dam building and maintenance of natural and man-made hydraulic structures, thermal, hydraulic, and nuclear power plants; electric power transmission and electrical substations.
  • Designing, supervising, and executing all the activities related to oil, gas, etc.
  • Supplying, manufacturing, purchasing, importing, and exporting raw materials; designing, supervising, and installing equipment and machinery needed by the companies and industrial and non-industrial units.
  • Maintenance, reconstruction, and restoration of historic places after receiving required permissions if legally necessitated.