HSE (health, safety, and environment) training

Making sure of continuous enhancement of the competencies and qualifications of the employees is valued by Gostaresh Ahan Rah (GAR) Company. Therefore, some procedures have been defined by identifying the training needs of the personnel and have been devised to provide the proper and necessary training for all of our colleagues including employees of the complex and subcontractors. These pieces of training can be in form of intra or extra-organizational courses, pre-employment training, mid-career training, retraining courses, and also monitoring the performance of the personnel and providing them with proper feedback.

Goals of HSE training

To increase skills, capabilities, and qualifications of human resources in reaching organizational goals and considering the importance of training in the HSE management system and its role in reducing accidents, occupational diseases, and environmental damages which increases organizational efficiency and excellence; the HSE training management working with the training department performs training needs assessment, planning, and holds general and special training courses on HSE.

HSE educational matrix of Ahan Rah Company:

Held HSE trainings:

HSE brochure sample: