Code Of Conduct

1. I will greet my colleagues and greet them back, even with just a smile.
2. I will say goodbye to my colleagues.
3. I will avoid joking in public.
4. I will thank my colleagues for performing tasks properly.
4. I will thank my colleagues for performing tasks properly.
6. I will weigh my words before saying them.
7. I will not take it for granted when my colleagues do me favors.
8. I will try to have lunch with my colleagues.
9. I won’t speak loudly so that I don’t disturb others.
I will respect others and my own time and practice being punctual.
11. If I have a problem or face an obstacle in the work environment, I will notify my manager in writing.
12. I will fully explain the situation and sensitivity of the task that I’m giving to my colleague.

13. I will express my discomfort toward others (manager or colleague) but I will keep the reason to myself.
14. I will honestly accept my mistakes, apologize bravely, and find the causes of my mistakes so that I can avoid them.
15. I won’t get upset with anyone and will discuss my problem and if somebody gets upset with me, I will make up with them in a proper time.
16. I will inquire about the conditions, requirements, and necessities of my job so that I can perform my task at the right time and in the right place.
17. I will treat my new colleagues carefully to get to know them better and remind other colleagues to do the same.
18. I will respect my colleagues and my privacy and will not listen to things about others.
19. If I get angry, I will use personal and conscious methods to control myself. Methods like: taking deep breaths, drinking water, etc.
20. I will never sabotage my colleagues, managers, and company. I will not discuss their weaknesses with others (other colleagues or people outside the organization).
21. I will help my colleagues to perform their tasks better and if I don’t have a direct responsibility in a department, I will communicate my comments in the form of suggestions without enforcing them.
22. If I am angry and I don’t have control over my behavior, I will ask my audience (manager or colleague) politely to wait some moments so that I can calm myself with some deep breaths and be able to talk to them again.
23. If anything made me upset in the work environment, I will discuss it politely with the one who caused it the first chance possible and if for any reason it is not possible to discuss it with them, I will ask a friend of that person to help me.
24. I will avoid rude speech and will not violate the dignity of my colleague under any circumstance, and if I feel offended, I will explain that the conditions are not fit for discussion and leave the place.


We say the things we can write, write the things we can sign, and sign the things we can do.