Tomorrow morning, line one of Tehran subway is ready for service.

As reported by Shahr quoting Hamed Abbasi Nami, communications and international affairs manager of the Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co.: “with hard work and efforts of our colleagues, the improvement operation is ahead of the schedule and by the end of the day, God willing, we will test the movement of trains on railway switches”.

Mentioning that these switches are more than twenty years old and these overhauls must be performed for the safety of passengers in the Tehran metro, the CEO of Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co. added: “Overhaul of other switches that need repairs must start as soon as possible”.

Then about the actions that have taken place for the improvement and safety of southern switches of Shahre Rey station, he added: “Up to this moment, 13 sleepers that needed renewal were demolished and replaced by new sleepers. Also after fortifying them, tracks, switches, and other equipment have been reinstalled so that from Saturday morning, God willing, line 1’s service will be according to the schedule and without any difficulties.

Abbasi Nami stated: “In the first phase of this plan, the southern switches of Shahre Rey station are being overhauled and in the next phase the two other northern switches of this station will be improved.
CEO of Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co. by pointing out that completely changing the switch would cost 30 billiard tomans (around 750,000 $) stated: “By hard work and efforts of our colleagues we were able to do it with less than 600 million Tomans (around 15,000 $)”.
By stating that Dr. Zakani, mayor of Tehran, and Dr. Shafie, vice president of transportation and traffic have always emphasized the importance of improvement of the passengers’ safety and safety enhancements in the metro, he added: “We hope that by resourcefulness of the honorable vice president of transportation and traffic and the honorable board of directors’ will to finance the overhauling of other equipment, we would be able to provide more safety and comfort for citizens and passengers of the metro”.
In the end, he noted: “We seriously intend to peruse overhauling the trains and infrastructure of metro by using domestic capabilities and cost management, and we do our best to provide passengers with the best services possible by Mehr (October) because the educational centers start working in that time and there will be a rise in the number of passengers”.

Source: Analytical news base of the city